• Witanor Organic Acids & Synbiotics is an ideal horse diet supplement to maintain the body in good health:

    Prebiotics: promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
    Probiotics: They stabilize and stimulate digestion by protecting the intestinal mucosa.
    Organic acids: They help maintain a pH level that prevents the spread of harmful bacteria (eg Salmonella, E. coli). Stimulates the growth and development of small intestine villi.

    Witanor Organic Acids & Synbiotics are part of Witanor Optimum and are an excellent supplement to the diet by using Optimum with increased activity of the animal.

    All foods, feeds and grains contain proteins, and we are all familiar with a fixed percentage of protein in food. However, it all depends on the source of the protein which determines how useful it will be as a muscle building block. Witanor Organic Acids & Synbiotics ensures proper muscle building.

    Pure Organic Acid and Synbiotic, Organic Acids with Probiotics and Prebiotics


    Organic Acid and Synbiotics

    Supplements of organic acids and synbiotics in proper and high doses in animal feed can increase body weight, build new tissue and help with cellular repair that takes place when muscle is restored in horses involved in heavy training. This supplement may be required to ensure enough of the various essential organic acids and synbiotics are consumed to meet the body’s needs.

    How does Witanor organic acids work?


    Knowing what muscles are made for can help with understanding. Muscles are made up of a large amount of protein and are made up of amino acids. When the horse eats a feed with protein in it, the protein is broken down into its individual component, the amino acids.

    Witanor organic acids consist of various calcium that are involved in muscle function. Daily use of this product is therefore recommended, especially when a horse is sweating, to ensure that these salts are replaced, which helps with hydration and recovery after training, and helps to support proper muscle function. In this way, not only will the diet provide everything needed to build and repair muscle tissue, but we also ensure that these muscles can function to the best of their ability with the hope that they recover from fatigue and injury more easily.



    If your horse needs extra energy before competition and you have a workhorse, then it’s best to give your horse optimum plus extra organic acids.


    Organic acid

    • Organic acid is a daily digestive additive for stabilizing and stimulating digestion, for the absorption of mycotoxins in feed and used as an alternative to antibiotics for safety and vitality in young animals, gives the feed organic acids.
    • Healthy digestive system performs important functions such as absorbing nutrients and blocking potentially harmful substances and microorganisms.
    • Organic acid contains lactic acid bacteria to fill the digestive system in normoflora, to suppress pathogenic and opportunistic pathogenic microflora, yeast cell wall for adsorption of feed mycotoxins and organic acids and salts for directional influence on correction of intestinal biokenosis.



    • Targeted settlement with useful microflora
    • Production of amino acids and vitamins from group b
    • Absorb and neutralize the widespread mycotoxins – aflatoxin b1, zearalenone, t-2 toxin, ochratoxin, vomitoxin and others.
    • Reduces digestive tract disorders, normalizes digestion
    • Blocks and suppresses the effect of the number of pathogens and opportunistic microorganisms in the gut
    • Improves and supports the immune system and protective functions of the organism
    • Restores, stimulates and stabilizes the animal’s productivity
    • Creating the barrier of protection against infection
    • Antimyotic effect, prevention of mycotoxin formation in feed
    • Optimally selected composition



    • Start feeding the product 60 days before the competition, sale, show or breeding season.
    • Mix a full measuring cup with organic acids and Synbiotia in the horse’s favorite food twice a day.
    • Recommended for daily use
    • Have enough clean, fresh water available at all times.
    • Introduce slowly over a few days, so that the horse gets used to the new taste


Pure Organic Acid & Synbiotic Vanlig 1000 gram

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